Biography of Mr. Goh Gong Gong PBM

Mr Goh Gong Gong was born in Fujian Nan An, China, in 1922. He was a teacher at Pei Hwa Public School from 1948 Co 1950 and from 1960 to 1975. Besides teaching Chinese Language, he also taught other subjects like Mathematics, History, Civics and Moral Education as well as Sports. He became Principal of the school in 1976 till his retirement in 1985.

Under his leadership, the school’s facilities and equipment, library, language room, science room, music room and language laboratory were upgraded. The school flourished and became one of the most sought-after schools in Jalan Kayu.

After the closure of Pei Hwa Public School in 1990, he was instrumental in the formation of Pei Hwa Foundation as he strongly believed in contributing to education and the betterment of the underprivileged.

With the other board members, Mr Goh was involved in the process of applying to the Ministry of Education to name a new school located at Fernvale Link as Pei Hwa Secondary School. He was very committed to preserving the name and spirit of Pei Hwa. In addition, he suggested setting up an alumni group to bring together graduates of the former Pei Hwa Public School and Pei Hwa Secondary School. The alumni group acts as a platform for members to exchange views and collectively hold events and programmes which benefit the alumni as well as the general public. The Pei Hwa Alumni was officially registered in 2006 and he has been its advisor since.

Though he is in his nineties, he continues to contribute to the community. He also served as the Director of Pei Hwa Foundation. He is truly an inspiration to many.

Goh Gong Gong 吴昂昂 BBM
Goh Gong Gong 吴昂昂 BBM

"Mr Goh Gong Gong was an admirable Principal who exemplified the values of true leadership. Once, he overheard a student passing a remark that Mr Goh should not smoke as he was an educator. Instead of admonishing him, Mr Goh quit smoking as he wanted to be a role-model whom students could look up to. Through this, he demonstrated the values of humility and resilience."

Ong Pang Seng, Graduated from Pei Hwa Public School in 1968. Formerly the Administrative Executive of Pei Hwa Foundation