Biography of Mr. Lee Beng Chong BBM

Mr. Lee Beng Chong (李明聪先生)was born in Fujian Nan An in 1908. He graduated from China Shanghai 国立暨南大学. He had been principal of Fu Jian School in Vietnam Hanoi. He later became principal of 公立振中学校.

After the 2nd World War ended on 15 Aug 1945, with a board resolution led by the chairman, Mr. Toh Kim Soo, Mr. Lee Beng Chong was appointed principal of the school. The school re-opened on 8th October. Pupil population was more than two hundred. As the school has been occupied by the intruding Japanese, furniture etc were damaged and the premises appeared deserted.

Under the leadership of Mr. Lee, coupled with cooperation of the management board and staff and financially supported by businesses and general public, the school slowly developed from a simple wooden structure to modern and steel- structured buildings situated on its own land. The school then was one of the popular schools in the area. Pupil population kept on increasing, young talents cultivated and they entered into various aspects of careers and businesses.

Mr. Lee Beng Chong was appointed from 1945 till his retirement in 1971 serving a longest period of 27 years as principal. He also witnessed the development of the school.

A humble and friendly man, Mr. Lee has devoted himeself to education. He was enthusiastic in social affairs and served as the secretary of Jalan Kayu Constituency Citizens’ Consultative Committee for 20 years. He was conferred with public service medal-BBM from President of Singapore then. He made great contribution toward the society.

Upon his retirement, he was appointed adviser to the school management board. He was also adviser to the Foundation registered in 1990, for more than ten years. He passed away at 95. His wife, madam 王琼玉 had been teacher of both Pei Hwa Public School and 新正学校。Two sons and two daughters were borne with them. Elder son Mr. Li Shu Li 李树立 graduated from Chemical Engineering of Sydney University in Australia and younger son Mr. Li Shu Lin 李树林 graduated from Medicine of the same university. Both daughters are also having careers in education. The whole family of his has been prominent in respective pursuits.

Mr Lee Beng Chong 李明聪
Mr Lee Beng Chong 李明聪

"After I got married, I continued to teach in Pei Hwa for another 12 years. One of the unforgettable people was Mr Lee Beng Chong, the Principal. At that time, teachers did not have the convenience of GIRO to receive our salary. When I was on maternity leave, Mr Lee went out of his way by taking public transport to bring the salary form to my house so that my remuneration could be settled. It was indeed tough for him. I was so moved by his personal touch!"

Quek Soo Cher, Former teacher of Pei Hwa Public School from 1962 to 1974